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Sterling Facts

What is Sterling? 

Sterling silver is an alloy containing 92.5% pure silver by weight, and is mixed with 7.5% by weight of other metals, typically copper. Or stated another way, it must be 925/1000 silver and 75/1000 copper.

All sterling manufactured in the USA is required to have one of these three identifying marks:


2. .925

3.  925/1000

If your silver does NOT have one of these three marks on it, and it was manufactured in the USA, then it is silverplated.

On the other hand, silver that originates from England, Ireland, or Scotland will be stamped with one of the identifying hallmarks below:
If your silver does NOT have one these marks, and it has origins from England, Ireland, or Scotland, it is silverplated.

Additionally, silver that has origins from European countries, Asia, South America, or other parts of the world would have been stamped with hallmarks indigenous to where it was made. If you believe your silver is from one of these areas and you would like to identify it as such, you may
contact us for help in determining the composition of your silver.

What is silverplate? 

It is a thin plating of silver applied to a base metal piece typically by a process of electroplating or dipping. Also, like silver, silverplate will tarnish which is why it is typically lacquered in order to prevent tarnish. This is an effective method until the tarnish wears off.

In lieu of sterling hallmarks on your silver pieces, there are other ways to tell if your silver is plated.

These are a few of the marks or words to look for on your silverplate pieces:

Heavy Plate

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