Buyers of Sterling Silver
Immediate Cash

How Much?

Of course Your most important question is:

How much will you pay me for my Sterling flatware or for my Sterling Holloware?

First, understand that we will pay you top dollar for the silver content of your flatware and/or holloware sterling silver items.

As we always tell our clients; we want you to get the most money for your sterling silver.

Therefore, we encourage you to shop for the best possible price that you may be offered.

You may want to try and sell it yourself on Ebay, Craigslist, or seek out your local jewelers in order to get an idea of what you Might be able to glean from your items.

A few caveats here:

#1. The majority of the flatware/holloware that we purchase is worth more cash in your pocket for the silver content.

Sadly, it is a small pool of buyers currently in the market for sterling flatware or holloware; which is what we have seen and experienced over the past few years, and we are still seeing this to be the trend.

#2. If you have a set that has collectable value: such as Tiffany, Georg Jensen, Buccellati, and other such higher end items, our offer will be based upon its collectable value. Keep in mind that we will take into consideration the condition of your pieces, whether or not it is monogrammed, and other factors as well.

And as always should you have any questions you may call us directly.

And of course the next most important question for you to ask is:

How do you pay me for my Sterling silver flatware or sterling silver holloware?

Upon receipt of your items; you will be notified.

Next, we calculate an offer for you and contact you directly with an offer.

Should you accept our offer; we will expedite funds to your Pay Pal account within a timely manner--usually within 48 hours.

We strive for maintaining the highest level of customer service; however, it is important for you to understand that there may be circumstances that may arise that are beyond our control.

That being said, we will always do our personal best in order to serve you.

Do you have more questions?

You can contact us through our website or call us directly at:

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