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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions - Silver and Sterling Silver

Do you buy coins or bullion?

Yes, we now buy silver bullion, some silver coins, and some gold bullion as well. You can contact us if you have silver/gold bullion, or silver coins to sell. For information on bullion and coins go to

How do I know if my silver is sterling?

Refer to our Sterling Facts page for how to verify the content of your silver pieces.

What is my silver worth?

The value is based on the silver content by weight and percentage of silver. To learn more about how to calculate the silver worth in your sterling silver, click here.

How much will you pay me? 

As stated above, the value is determined by weight and silver content of your pieces. Once we have accurately weighed your items, we will make you a cash offer on the spot based upon current market silver pricing. When you feel comfortable and approve the sale of your silver items, we pay you immediately so you do not have to wait to receive cash for your silver.

Can you give me an exact or estimated price of my silver items?

Because there are so many variables that affect values, we cannot. However, what we can and will do is professionally evaluate each of your silver items and offer you the highest and best price.

When do I get paid?

You will be paid, in cash, the same day as your consultation.

How can I feel confident that I am receiving the highest and best price for my silver items?

You can be confident because we at Silver Linings 925 consistently make top dollar offers to our clients based upon current market conditions. If, for any reason, you are uncertain, we invite you to shop our competition. We are confident you will want to return to us.
What about selling to an internet site?

As stated above, we invite you to shop our competition. However, experience shows that we consistently pay far more than any of our internet competitors ranging anywhere from 300% to 500% more money for your silver.

What about selling to a pawn shop?

Again, feel free to shop the competition. However, keep in mind they have a much higher overhead in order to maintain their storefront and their business costs which equates to their inability to offer you a fair and honest price for your silver.

Do you buy silver items containing gemstones?

Typically not since gemstones have little or no resale value. What we will do is accurately determine the value of your silver content and offer you the highest and best price for your precious metal. There are times when certain exceptions can be made. If you feel your gemstones have a high enough intrinsic value, contact us and we may be able to refer you to a local buyer of gemstones who also pays a high and fair price for gemstones of value. This is determined on a case by case basis. Your other option is to have the stones removed before meeting with us for your consultation.

Do you buy silverplate items?

No. Unfortunately, silverplate has very little value due to the lesser precious metal content so we do not buy silverplated items.